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Gutter Companies: Yes or No to Gutter Guards?

Because they know that cleaning the gutters is pretty much nobody’s favorite chore, gutter companies have come up with ways to make it easier. The simplest thing you can do is call in the pros at Guarded Gutters to clean your gutters for you. But even though gutter cleaning is an affordable service, it’s probably not in your budget every time you need the gutters cleaned. Luckily, there are gutter guards to make it easier to clean your gutters. You might even have to do it less often.

Here’s why gutter companies think you should say yes to gutter guards.


Leaves Don’t Build Up

In New England, the gunk that you pull out of your gutters is mostly leaves. Everyone has at least a few trees in their yards, if not a lot more. The fall in particular is when you find a lot of leaves in your gutters. But leaves are also a problem in the spring after heavy rain and high winds. Installing gutter guards keeps most of the leaves out of your gutters so that they are much easier to clean. All you have to do is clear them off the top of the guard.


Keep the Critters Out

You don’t want animals making their home anywhere in your house, but they can especially wreak havoc in your gutters. Gutter guards greatly reduce the amount of stagnant water sitting in your gutters. That deters insects and rodents from turning your gutters into a breeding ground. Gutter guards also make it more difficult for critters to get into your gutters in the first place.


Get Better Water Flow

Because gutter guards keep debris out of your gutters, they allow the water to flow more easily. If you have a reservoir or rainwater tank, you will also collect cleaner water. If you don’t collect rainwater from your gutters, you will still have the benefit of water flowing easily and draining away from your home.


Let Gutter Companies Make Your Life Easier

Rather than dealing with the hassle of cleaning your gutters this fall, let the pros at Guarded Gutters do it for you! And while you have our team working on their home, have them install some gutter guards. You’ll soon find out why gutter companies swear by them.


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