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Is Gutter Guard Installation Right for Your Home?

Cleaning the gutters is a chore no one is excited about. But there is a way to make it a little easier: gutter guards. If you’ve been thinking about gutter guard installation for your home, the team at Guarded Gutters are the people to call. We know our gutters and our gutter guards, so we can help you select the right type for your home. If you don’t know anything about the different types of gutter guards, that’s okay!

Let’s take a look at the different types of gutter guards to help you make the best choice for your home.


Screen and Micro Mesh

The most common type of gutter guards are screens and micro mesh. Gutter screens are a grid of metal or plastic that sits on top of your gutters to keep leaves from getting in. Micro mesh is the same idea, but the holes are tiny to keep smaller debris like needles out of your gutters as well. Both are relatively easy to install. You do need to be careful how you install them, though, because pulling up the last row of shingles to fit in gutter screens can void your roof’s warranty.


Reverse Curve

Reverse curve guards are trickier to install than other types of gutter guards. They are another piece of metal or molded plastic that fits over the top of your gutter. Water runs on the outside along the “reverse curve” and into the gutter. It’s best to have a professional install these because if you do it wrong, water can just run over the edge rather than into the gutter. Because they go over your gutters, you also want to make sure you choose a model that matches your house.


Brush and Foam

Another easy style of guard to install, brush or foam guards sit inside the gutter itself. Brush guards look like giant metal pipe cleaners. You just have to cut them to the correct length and set them inside the gutter. Foam guards are similar. They are a triangular length of foam that keeps debris out and allows the water to flow down to the drain.


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Gutter Guard Installation by Guarded Gutters

If you hate cleaning the gutters (and who doesn’t) gutter guard installation may be the time-saving solution you are looking for. Guarded Gutters has a gutter guard that will fit your budget, match your home, and keep your gutter clear.


Contact Guarded Gutters today to get a quote and learn about our services.

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