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Avoid Gutter Damage This Winter With These Tips

Preparing your gutters in the fall helps ensure you encounter fewer issues come wintertime. However, there are still a few things to check on once those winter months arrive. Guarded Gutters is here to give you some precautions to take during this season.


Trim Nearby Trees 

Leaves and other debris like small branches can still get into your gutters even after clearing them out during fall. On top of this, tree branches can get weighed down with ice and snow once it starts to snow. This can damage your gutters if these nearby branches snap and fall off from the weight or high wind speeds.


Watch Out for Ice Dams

Ice dams are especially important to be wary of. These happen when the snow from your roof melts off into the gutters and refreezes after interacting with the gutters. It makes it more difficult for water runoff to occur and drain properly. You can help prevent this from happening by cleaning the snow off your roof in a timely manner. This mainly applies when snow accumulates to over six inches. We recommend investing in a roof rake to help remove the snow and ice from your roof!


Position Your Downspout

Downspouts play a significant role when it comes to water runoff. It’s essential to ensure that the downspout is positioned at an angle away from your home to allow proper drainage. You also don’t want the water to pool around any areas outside of your home, so be mindful of the placement. Since the weather is getting colder, it’s also vital to keep in mind this water will turn to ice in some instances. Be sure that the downspout is placed away from any common walking areas to further ensure safety!


Choose Guarded Gutters for Your Service Needs

At Guarded Gutters, you can rely on our team of experienced professionals to get the job done for you. Whether it’s gutter installation, replacement, or cleaning, you can rest assured that we will meet all your needs! 


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